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Città di Garda


Garda looks back on a long history and barbarian invasions. There is much to see. The parish church is one of the oldest in the region and was rebuilt after an earthquake (about 900 years ago) and later modernized. Numerous villas and buildings from different eras are "hiding" in the historic center and outside.

Città di Garda

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One of Garda's most famous landmarks is certainly the peninsula of Punta San Vigilio, with prestigious visitors in the past, such as Prince Charles, Winston Churchill and King Juan Carlos. Still today, you can stay at the Locanda in San Vigilio.

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Museo del Lago di Garda

Lungolago Regina Adelaide 12

A visit to the Garda Lake Museum is definitely worthwhile. Exciting props from agriculture, fishing and handicrafts show life on Lake Garda as it used to be. The entrance is free. The museum is open all year round from Friday afternoon to Sunday evening. Lunch breaks and exact opening hours can be found on the website of the museum, which was created by students of the Marie Curie High School in Garda.


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